Are You Ready To Break Free From The Matrix Of Fear, Lack And Limitation?

Activate Your Golden Merkaba of Light

So You Can

Embody Your True Divine Nature Of
Peace, Harmony And Balance
In All Areas Of Life!

Heal, Ascend And Restore Heaven On Earth!

Dear Beloved Emissary of Light,

I'm intuiting that you’re here because you're ready to take your healing practice and spiritual growth to the next level.  Your soul's calling has led you here.

Whether you're new to energy work, or have been practicing a modality such as Reiki for many years, The Golden Ray Initiations™ have called you because you're ready to embrace your higher divine purpose, expanding your capability to receive and transmit higher frequency energy.

It's time for a new phase in your awakening and service to Mother Earth and humanity.

Thank you for being here. 🙂

The Golden Ray Initiations

The Golden Ray Initiations™ are a series of energy healing activations that channel the Golden Ray to activate and ignite your Golden Merkaba of Light through a process of initiation and purification.

  • First Initiation ~ Great Solar Light Key Attunement
  • Second Initiation ~ Golden Merkaba Activation

The Great Solar Light Key is the key that opens your portal to the Great Central Sun, known as your Inner Central Sun.  Your Inner Central Sun sits in the center of your heart chakra at the center (zero-point) of your being.  It enables you to channel the Golden Ray of Cosmic Consciousness and can be described as the ignition key for your Golden Merkaba.

Your Golden Merkaba is your inter-dimensional light body vehicle that, navigated by your Higher Self, guides your life along the shortest path to your highest joy.  It recalibrates your energy field to align with Universal law and the unique God code of your soul.

Through your Golden Merkaba you are able to channel the Golden Ray's energies of peace, balance, harmony, beauty, love, creativity, strength and joy through your energy field and into the world through your life.

An activated Golden Merkaba, ignited with the Great Solar Light Key, increases your capability to receive and transmit golden light energy from Source.  As a channel for the Golden Ray you are able to connect with the primordial DNA of Source, restoring your DNA and the DNA of those you work with (including the planet!) to it's original state before any distortions took place.  The frequency of the Golden Ray enables you to heal all traumas at their root cause.

This energy not only accelerates your own healing and ascension, it accelerates the consciousness evolution of the planet.

Are you ready to Galactivate!?

First Initiation

The Great Solar Light Key ~ Ascension Portal Attunement

25 Minute Distance Activation

When you are attuned to the Great Solar Light Key you open a sacred portal between you, the Great Central Sun and Mother Gaia that channels peace, balance, harmony, love and joy in our world.

You become a conduit between Heaven and Earth for the Divine Solar Light Codes of the Golden Ray.

As the first step to activating your Golden Merkaba and Unique God Code (or Divine Plan), the attunement helps you find your inner strength and purpose, and compels you to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within you.

When you balance your own energy field you help bring peace and balance to Earth.

During the Venus Transit in 2012 the Great Solar Light Key™ was ignited in Gaia’s heart center and her Golden Merkaba came online.

The process was initiated by Ahtayaa Leigh on June 6 2012, and was supported by the strong feminine Goddess energy that is embodied in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

At the macro level, the Great Solar Light Key channels the Golden Ray through the central sun in the Pleiades star system (Alcyone) and the planet Venus.

This pathway was chosen by the Creator for a very specific reason. By stepping down the Golden Ray through these predominantly feminine cosmic entities the masculine and feminine energies of Earth are brought back into balance safely.

There is a deep sense of unconditional love, forgiveness and feminine creativity that reaches us through these beautiful Cosmic feminine entities.  It allows for the healing to be integrated into the collective in ways that are manageable and minimize destruction.

It is the Mother's Love giving comfort through times of change.

The Great Solar Light Key attunement I received was nothing short of miraculous! For some months now I have been feeling stuck and unable to move forward on my path. Ahtayaa's GSLK attunement changed everything for me....I have had one spiritual experience after another and even had a previous Atlantean life revealed to me a couple nights ago! I feel so much has been unblocked and am now able to move forward with ease and grace instead of the struggles I have been experiencing for the last few months. Thank you thank you thank you, Ahtayaa!

- Karen Davis Black

As always it was a powerful experience. I know it was intended for the heart chakra, but I experienced and felt immense pressure in my third eye expanding clear across my forehead and face. It actually went numb. Then three, what felt like electrical currents, ran from my crown down to my root actually jolting me each time.

I was also "shown" a crowd of people clapping 👏🏾 their hands in applause. Like a cheering on and a congratulations at the same time. Pretty awesome and amazing.

Today I felt centered and mostly peaceful kind of in another dimension but grounded. A lot of synchronicities and also drinking more water than I normally do.

Thank you again for all your support and help.

- Melvin Evans

What to Expect

The attunement is a 25 minute guided process, facilitated online by Ahtayaa Leigh.

After the attunement you will notice a beautiful sense of balance, peace, courage and strength.  You may experience joyful sensations in your heart chakra, and a deeper connection with God/Spirit/Creator.

You may experience an increased frequency of synchronicity.  This is your Higher Self and inter-dimensional helpers guiding you.


Second Initiation

Golden Merkaba Activation

This 40 minute distance activation facilitated by Ahtayaa and the Golden Ray will permanently activate your Golden Merkaba of Light. Your Golden Merkaba is your inter-dimensional light body vehicle that surrounds your aura and manifests your reality in 5D and above. It projects your reality through the portal in your heart center known as your Inner Central Sun.

Your Inner Central Sun, in real terms, is your doorway to infinite potential. It exists in unity with all of Creation at the zero point.  In sacred geometry it is represented by the Vector Equilibrium.

The Golden Merkaba aspect of your light body remains dormant when in 3D consciousness, and once activated continues to expand as you cleanse, purify and expand your own consciousness through your healing and spiritual practice with the Golden Ray.

Golden Merkaba ~ Your Inter-Dimensional Light Body System

Your Golden Merkaba is the vehicle and library of light codes.
The Great Solar Light Key is your portal opener or ignition key.  
The Golden Ray is your vehicle's fuel.  
Your Higher Self is the driver.
Your heart is the control panel.

13450191_1742239602686333_4746578816613791461_nYou are a Navigator of Space, Time and Consciousness.

When your Golden Merkaba is activated and ignited with the Great Solar Light Key you'll be ready to start consciously using it to manifest the reality that is for your highest good in peace, balance and harmony.

Your Golden Merkaba is calibrated to adjust to the vibration of your energy body.  It meets you at your current frequency and expands with you as your consciousness awakens.

It's a process.  The more you practice navigating life with your Golden Merkaba, the more skillful you will become.

After your activation, you'll receive practical exercises and access to support from Ahtayaa as you clarify your Golden Merkaba, developing your skills as an inter-dimensional navigator.

You'll learn how to tune into Source through your heart center so that you can access infinite potential and channel that for healing.

Having the ability to channel Source at will rapidly accelerates your healing process and magnifies your ability to heal those around you.

As you progress through the Initiations you'll learn how to use your Golden Merkaba for self healing, healing others and healing every conceivable circumstance.

If you feel called, you will become part of a light family that synergize their energies to send solar light codes from their activated Golden Merkabas into emergency situations and world events that need healing.

We do this by connecting with the zero-point of the Inner Central Sun in our hearts and the primordial DNA of Earth, restoring Her to Her original blueprint, or more accurately, goldprint. 🙂

You'll receive techniques and guidance so that you can you naturally and effortlessly make the transition from where you are now into full multi-dimensional awareness.

  • The activation will take place online using webinar software to which you will log in to participate in the session.
  • The session includes a thorough cleansing of your multidimensional energy field and DNA activation to reveal your spiritual gifts.

Who Am I To Offer You These Initiations?

I AM Ahtayaa Leigh and for the past ten years I have been on an amazing journey of awakening… a journey that has led me to you.

You probably remember the hype surrounding 2012, right?

But, did anything REALLY change?

If you look around in the world today you wouldn’t think so… Well, I can assure you, change did happen… and is still happening!

During a string of astrological events leading up to December 2012 and beyond, light codes were transmitted to lightworkers and wayshowers on Earth, activating their energy fields with keys to activate humanity and raise the vibration of Planet Earth as a collective consciousness.

It’s all part of the perfectly orchestrated Divine Plan that is unfolding before us in perfect timing.

Following a series of Divinely guided etheric and earthly initiations spread over a number of years, the Ascension Key I came to Earth to work with and share for the highest good of all was revealed to me.

The Key was revealed to me in the physical plane in April 2012, in the lead up to the Venus transit in June.

During that sacred transit I, along with a group of lightworkers, initiated a process that anchored the Great Solar Light Key™ into the Heart of Mother Earth and activated Her Golden Merkaba.  This means that in 2012 the planetary consciousness of Earth expanded from 3 dimensions to 12 dimensions.

This event rippled out from Central America where the Mayan and Atlantean timelines merge.  This is where I have lived since 2008, working as a Gatekeeper and Keeper of Golden Light.

Ahtayaa's home in Central America, on the edge of a galactic activation portal where the Mayan and Atlantean energies converge.

Ongoing Support

To compliment the Golden Ray Initiations, you will receive follow-up meditations and activities so that you can start incorporating your Golden Merkaba into your life in positive and practical ways.

The more you practice, the more skilled you will become at driving your Merkaba and the more clarity you will experience when steering it.

These exercises will help you heal and purify your self, and you will also be able to use many of them when facilitating healing activations in others.

You will become a member of a Golden Light Family.  With our Golden Merkabas activated, we synergize our energy to send solar light codes into world events that need healing.

We do this by connecting with the primordial DNA of the Earth, restoring the original blueprint, or rather goldprint. 🙂

Whether working at the individual or collective level, the Gold Ray Healing method works to resolve issues at the root cause found at the DNA level.  It works to restore balance, peace and harmony holistically.

The Crystal Valley, Mayan/Atlantean Birthplace Of The Golden Ray Initiations

This valley in Central America is the home of Ahtayaa Leigh.
Abundant with quartz, and densely populated during the Mayan civilization, it is a galactic portal and power point for the 144 Crystalline Grid.
The solar light codes that activate your Golden Merkaba are transmitted from here.

Did you know? When you activate and exercise your Golden Merkaba you will, by default, enhance any other energy healing or personal development service you practice such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Re-connective Healing, life coaching, massage therapy etc!

What Others Are Saying

Back in September 2016, I was sitting at my dining room table and heard the words gently roll past my ears "The Golden Ray". I had no idea what that was, so I googled the Golden Ray and found an article that Ahtayaa had written, which included a meditation called 'The Great Golden Flush'. I began doing the meditation and clearing out past fears, filling up with light, and feeling more clear and alive than ever before!

Next, I signed up for her energy healing course and started doing more of her activations. That October, I did the DNA activation with her and after I had finished, I felt very sleepy. So I took a nap, and then woke up and went to be with my husband. That is the moment that I believe I got pregnant.

After that point, I continued to do the activations that Ahtayaa offers, and felt like I met up with my little baby's light body in the Golden temple. Every time I went there, she was there. It was such a gift.

During one of the activations I began to ask what we should name our little girl. I began to hear the word Clarity come through. Again and again the word Clarity felt like it was raining down on me. The next day I did another meditation, and heard spirit say "Clarity can be her spirit name, but you can call her Claire on Earth." Then I guided my husband and I in a meditation to meet with her little spirit. He received the same message. This is when we knew that Clarity was her name and would be filled with golden light.

On July 8 2017, her actual due date from conception, we went to the beach, with the rising of the full moon, to do a pregnancy release ceremony that spirit encouraged us to do. We addressed and released our fears, and called her spirit to her Earth body.

The next morning, I did the DNA activation meditation again and felt like I only saw an outline of my little Clarity's light body this time. As I was in the chambers, I saw her light body enter my very pregnant belly and that evening I went into labor.

I share this experience with you because I'm so touched by the work that Ahtayaa is doing. She is such a gifted teacher that exudes love, and her caring nature can be felt from miles and miles away. The information, upgrades, light codes, guided activations, knowledge-based energy work, and certification that she teaches is absolutely wonderful! I feel so blessed to have connected with her here on Earth.

Ahtayaa has a gift for taking the invisible and making it real. She gracefully blends the two worlds of spirituality and human existence like a true cosmic artist. She makes all her programs affordable, easy to understand, and you can feel her love in every post, email, and meditation that she shares!

Since hearing those words 'the Golden ray', I feel like I have truly evolved and have had tremendous soul growth from working with her teachings! Thank you Ahtayaa for following your light and helping me follow and share mine!

Sophie Frabotta
Sophie Frabotta Founder - Awaken Palm Beach, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Crystal Educator, Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Great Solar Light Key attunement I received was nothing short of miraculous! For some months now I have been feeling stuck and unable to move forward on my path. Ahtayaa's GSLK attunement changed everything for me....I have had one spiritual experience after another and even had a previous Atlantean life revealed to me a couple nights ago! I feel so much has been unblocked and am now able to move forward with ease and grace instead of the struggles I have been experiencing for the last few months. Thank you thank you thank you, Ahtayaa!

- Karen Davis Black

Just one week after receiving the Golden Ray Initiations I can already feel that my frequency has gone through the roof! I feel so much more peace and balance, I have a deeper connection with my soul’s path, a chronic ailment is clearing up and my psychic abilities have been massively amplified!

I’ve been able to relieve childhood traumas and not feel the pain of those traumas AT ALL! I mean… the PAIN IS NOT THERE ANYMORE! The pain has been replaced by a palpable sense of peace, compassion and acceptance.

Within 24 hours I began rapidly processing past life traumas in my dream state, cutting away fears that have plagued me for lifetimes.

I have a deeper connection with my path, and am receiving daily confirmations and synchronicities that validate my mission and reveal the next steps I am meant to take. I’m so excited to see how this will develop because I know that these activations will continue to have a positive impact for the rest of my life!

Jacquie Cooper
Jacquie Cooper Energy Worker

Prior to working with you I felt "stuck" in a perpetual cycle of judgement, emotional malaise and physical pain. I wanted to get outside of myself, feel more connected to nature and people.

I noticed that within days years of repressed feelings started bubbling up for release.

I encourage other empaths that I encounter to consider the Golden Ray Initiations because of its foundations of Love and its broad aspects regarding the techniques of healing. Basically, nothing escapes the Golden Ray's healing potential when one intends and is open to its healing work.

You have such an open, loving heart that is so attractive and beckons people to your presence! Keep on making the world a better place Ahtayaa!

Annalysa Caden
Annalysa Caden

During a recent family trip I was amazed. Triggers that would have normally sent me into the corner crying, didn't. My dad, who's a great person, is also very difficult to be around. In the past I've found his behaviour at times repulsive. But this trip it was different. I found myself relaxed, and comfortable, accepting and even understanding. 

feel as if things that used to bother me are being purged and transmuting into.. light, love. My synchronicities are constant and have expanded. I listened to the golden star tetrahedron meditation before I left for my trip. It was an Amazing activation. Thank you. It's just such a beautiful journey. I welcome and am excited for the next steps.

I feel myself releasing karma and healing past wounds so much quicker now. Thank you! Thank you! For being here helping and guiding me, and so many others.

- Amanda Drain

In my nearly 25 years in eastern and western spirituality, I have experienced many initiations and attunements from traditions all over the world. When I wanted to explore the mysteries of the Golden Ray and Christ Consciousness, I searched all over the internet for someone, who is in a real deep connection and resonance with this Divine Energy. I´m so glad, that I found beautiful Ahtayaa, who is not "just another attunement giver on the energetic supermarket", but very focused and devoted to the Golden Ray. She is radiating and living this energy and this is the most important fact for me. The initiation she provided was not only a beautiful and deep experience, but a life changing one! I am now in an even deeper connection with the Golden Ray and I can recommend this attunement to everyone - whether you are as experienced as myself or a total beginner or anything in between. Ahtayaa will find a way to work with you from wherever you are at the moment. This is also a sign of a good teacher. Thank you, beautiful golden Ahtayaa! It is my pleasure and honor to work with you!
Blessings from the Seraphim and from myself!

Dieter Schwarz
Dieter Schwarz LUX ~ Blessings Of Grace

I feel so blessed to have been guided to the Golden Ray Initiations. This is what I have been searching for all of my life. The Golden Ray has reawakened my conscious connection with the Divine. 

The activation brought back to me a memory of an ability I was taught by Thoth in another life. I have worked throughout this life in various areas with the energies, to clear them. I knew that in other lifetimes, I had worked with Thoth in the establishment and maintenance of the Christ Consciousness grid. I knew this work was done through the heart, but I did not have memory of how to do this fully, and today as we worked through the heart with the Golden Merkabah Torus I remembered how it was done. I am so thankful to have this memory returned.

I am also so thankful that from the first meditation with the Golden Ray, the healing of the separation of the Divine Father energies began to heal, I realize how this has kept me from fully manifesting that which I came here to do. 

I always knew I was loved, but I felt I must have done something wrong and had not been forgiven, and so was unworthy, and this is helping me to heal. Thanks and Blessings.

Becky Prante
Becky Prante Oracle of Divine Grace

I feel so grateful, to have met such an amazing, gifted, and integrity based women and be attuned with such an amazing gift that I know will help so many people and raise the consciousness of our planet. The day after the attunement I woke up and felt light like a feather, and felt a shift in my energy.

Over the course of three months, I began to see orbs of light, and sparks of light flash here and there, psychic abilities that were almost dormant, coming back to me.

Now, I have energy all through the day, and I barely worked out, until this past week. I have noticed my negative self-talk disappearing almost as if it never existed, as if I’ve tuned into a new person overnight. People around me started to notice and feel this shift in me.

I know how it feels to experience childhood trauma, anxiety, fatigue, and so forth. With the power of the Golden Ray, we no longer have to stay in pain, stay in suffering and broken hearts, but have the ability to live a life full of self-love, freedom and enlightenment. It’s all worth the investment and I recommend this to anyone that is ready and open to all it has to offer, and know that you’re loved and in safe hands.

Alexus Emerson
Alexus Emerson Distant Energy Healer and Business Coach for Millennials

I had been feeling detached and unable to fully engage the present moment after a series of traumatic events and I wanted to reconnect and re-engage my heart.

What happened for me throughout the attunement was the sense of being at one with Great Spirit. Being in the presence of the angelics and my own higher self. It left me feeling absolutely glowing and completely re-energised like every molecule had been renewed.

This beautiful feeling of at oneness is still with me now. It is a return to Source.

More than a healing this is a complete reconnect whilst in physical form with the highest frequency imaginable!

I cannot recommend Ahtayaa and the Golden Ray Initiations highly enough! If you want to feel what it’s like to know TRUE peace don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Anandi Sun Dancer
Anandi Sun Dancer

On my spiritual path I've experienced a multitude of energetic initiations and as I've refined my sadhana, I've developed a higher taste to Divine resonate frequencies of the most Divine kind. I've been engaging in multidimensional work for awhile and needed a recharge, Ahtayaa appeared and was very patient, loving and deeply in tune with my soul. The Divine Solar Feminine Activation left me with lasting peace, harmony and balance. I felt deeply grounded and filled with love during her most brilliant esoteric cosmic shamanic journey. Thank you Ahtayaa, I'm keeping close to you.  Bless you for your presence and service!!

Jessica Zanello
Jessica Zanello

Prior to working with you I felt "stuck" in a perpetual cycle of judgement, emotional malaise and physical pain. I wanted to get outside of myself, feel more connected to nature and people.

I noticed that within days years of repressed feelings started bubbling up for release.

I encourage other empaths that I encounter to consider the Golden Ray Initiations because of its foundations of Love and its broad aspects regarding the techniques of healing. Basically, nothing escapes the Golden Ray's healing potential when one intends and is open to its healing work.

You have such an open, loving heart that is so attractive and beckons people to your presence! Keep on making the world a better place Ahtayaa!

Suzy Conley
Suzy Conley

Right around the time I met Ahtayaa I was trying to find myself and my true purpose here on earth. I felt confused, lost and unsure of everything. I knew I had it in me to be a writer but I didn't know how.

After my activation I started feeling more sure of myself and more confident. Immediately following the sessions I was able to finish my book in 2 weeks. I felt less indecisive and all of a sudden it was like I had answers to the questions I have been wondering about for years. I started meeting people that were into meditation and things of that nature.

Thanks to the Golden Ray Initiations I was able to find my purpose.

If you’re considering joining the Golden Ray Initiations, GO FOR IT! If you’re struggling to find your purpose DEFINITELY join…. You will find peace of mind.

Lee Sha Prescott
Lee Sha Prescott

I was attracted to the Golden Ray Initiations because I knew I can heal people with the golden light/energy, but I didn’t know how to use it or I didn’t know if the way I use it is ok. So I found the Golden Ray Initiations were perfect for me.

After the sessions I just knew that the way I was using the golden light was the right way. It added some other details in the healing procedure I started using after the initiations. I started using the golden ray healing right away and I have great success. I use it with other techniques that I remembered and it represents a major part of the healing sessions.

I would really recommend you do the Golden Ray Initiations with Ahtayaa if you are interested in taking your healing practice to a higher level. It is a very powerful tool and you can do so much good with it. I feel it is much stronger and more useful than the reiki I used before. My healing practice has now evolved and I have clarity about my path!

Andreja Sem
Andreja Sem

Ahtayaa Leigh is without doubt one of the most unconditional and inspiring Earth Angels I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with.

Her approach to well being and God is one of pure intent. Over the years she has helped strengthen my core being with the Hope and Faith that she so strongly possesses. That’s the beauty of it, Ahtayaa offers all that she is to helping others on their light journeys.

Ahtayaa will help you to segregate the illusion from reality, guiding you to finding not only yourself but the way back to God. I have to say that my life has felt ever richer and fuller since I have had the honour of being a part of Ahtayaa’s life.

Believe in her as I do and you will see the transformation in yourself. The help and support I have been gifted over the years has been life saving. I know that Ahtayaa Leigh will help you transform your life, enabling you to beautifully work from your higher self.

In love and the light,

Susie Walsh
Susie Walsh

Ahtayaa is enthusiastic, no passionate, about what she does, which is incredibly inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her approach ensuring that everyone is understanding all that she expresses before moving on to the next topic. A brilliant teacher for our time.

Tanya Blackiston
Tanya Blackiston Healing via the Heart

When I came across the Golden Ray Initiations I was in a situation of wanting more. I had been drawn to energy healing about 10 years ago but I wasn’t in the right space at that time to engage in healing. When my guides led me to the Golden Ray Initiations I intuitively knew that this opportunity was what I needed to bring true balance into my life.

I used to fear energy, but working with you and the Golden Ray Initiations has helped me grow in my power. I now confidently stand in my energy, without the fear. 

Immediately following the initiations I went through a very big spiritual body detox which has caused me to make rapid steps forward in my own self healing, and I am now feeling empowered to help the planet rise in light.

I would encourage anyone contemplating working with you to take a chance on themselves because working with the Golden Ray has been so beneficial in my life. I have moved forward so quickly on my path and the Golden Ray amplifies my healing sessions.

- Sharon Parnell

Before working with Ahtayaa I was struggling with indecision. Each time I needed to make a decision I would quite suddenly get sleepy. This was obviously a subconscious mechanism at work. As Ahtayaa worked with me so much energy was released I felt as though I was going to burn up. This heat quickly passed and by the end of our short session I felt so much clearer. It’s now a day later and I’m finding that my decision making is so much easier. Thanks Ahtayaa!

- Karen, Toronto

First of all, it felt like I'd known her forever, and the messages she received regarding my needs were completely right on and exactly what I needed most. The journey we went on together left me feeling such RELIEF, there is no other word to describe it. As if I had indeed been waiting for this trip for quite a long time. The guides which came to assist us were magnificent and so affirming to my journey thus far.

I was able to release blockages which had been keeping me in negative cycles, especially to do with eating. I noticed a huge difference in how I felt towards food and the emotional triggers and pathways food would typically cause me changed after - and this specifically wasn't even something I had verbalized to Ahtayaa! I believe these longstanding food issues actually were rooted in my ability to stand in my truth and have faith and courage in my own journey, things we DID work on!

The experience was beyond beneficial and I truly believe it just keeps unfolding and widening a bit more everyday (it feels like it's been forever but it was only Monday we met haha!). She also went a full 20 minutes over the allotted time just to answer my questions and alleviate some of my worries! I highly highly recommend her & look forward to continuing my relationship with her as we all are catapulted into the unknown of these days!

to be introduced and attuned to the Golden Ray. Much love and appreciation to you Ahtayaa!

- Jessica

"Through many synchronistic happenings, I was guided to Ahtayaa's Golden Ray Initiations. This is when all of the information came together and all the pieces fell into alignment. I instantly felt it in my heart center that I needed this information to evolve my sacred heart work.

The power of the heart is amazing. Every time I use the Golden Ray, I can feel a shift instantly in vibration and frequency in everything around me.

This work is beautiful. This work is powerful. Accessing the love, power, and wisdom of the sacred heart while transcending space and time through the Golden Ray will assist your warrior spirit to carry out the divine plan to bring Christ Consciousness to the Universe."

- Sarah Lipow

My experience with the Golden Ray is definitely a positive one! I find the activations and meditations to be very effective, powerful and at the same time peaceful and calming. I am feeling very centered and balanced, more so than I've been recently. I also feel an overwhelming sense of joy and authentic love coming through the activations and meditations as well.

I'm feeling a sense of empowerment, renewed focus and purpose. I am also witnessing major shifts in my daily life as well. Opportunities presenting themselves out of the blue, relationships are healing and new ones are being formed that are more in alignment with where I'm at in the present moment. Overall just a greater sense of Self.

I am very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to be introduced and attuned to the Golden Ray. Much love and appreciation to you Ahtayaa!

- Melvin Evans

The Great Solar Light Key was beyond the expected. The activation was fantastic, felt a marvellous unconditional love, to the point that was very difficult to get out of the moment, it felt so good that I wanted to stay there. I waited some days to see how it evolved. Since then everything has been wonderful. Thank you so much Ahtayaa Leigh for such a wonderful gift.

- Martha S. Umana

I received this beautiful attunement this morning. It was a very good experience, I felt the energies working in my being and I felt the "key" spinning and working inside me. After the attunement, I felt so peaceful and calm, and this yummy sensation in my being that everything its going to be okay. I know what my next steps are, and I don't feel stress about it anymore. I am a healer, and I know that with this attunement my healing abilities will get stronger and that I could now step out of my comfort zone and start my mission. Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity.!!!!!

- Georgina Sanchez

Special blessings to you for guiding many with the Great Solar Light Key Activation!! I feel so grateful that I was gifted this activation! It has been very positive and I choose to continue with this growth!!! It is a quantum jump!! I am thankful and bless you and the Universe for this great blessing!!!! Love and Golden Light, Elizabeth

- Elizabeth Hunter

I was feeling a bit stuck in my healing work. I had moved to a new state to be with my new partner. I was transitioning out of my private practice as a counsellor to start my life as a counsellor/energy worker. My partner was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has made a full recovery after treatment. My experience has been uplifting and encouraging. I have made some progress with my work and have started to host a monthly energy share. I would encourage anyone to participate in your activations, meditations and classes because words cannot describe the experience!

- Will Halm

Before I started the learning with Ahtayaa and the Golden Ray Initiations I felt so lonely in my journey. Now I can hardly imagine that feeling anymore!

The initiations opened me up completely to the Divine and I learned to accept it as my leading source. 

I now trust my huge capacity to feel energy on a very subtle level. Day by day, I am preparing for a role in which I lead healing and contribute to bringing all humans to a higher level of consciousness.

I have a growing feeling of freedom, wholeness and oneness within myself. I am beginning to understand what my life is all about. 

My Higher Self grows stronger by the day and I feel I am where I should be.

I love your approach, Ahtayaa, and your recognition that we are all on this journey in which a lot is known and a lot is still unknown and waiting for us to discover. I can feel the purity and integrity with which you work. 

The Golden Ray Initiations are no doubt completely life transforming if you are ready and open to receive.

- Carole Donkers

During the activation I felt my whole head get heavy and about 5 minutes towards the end of head suddenly heated up and I broke out into a major sweat. My neck which was in pain for two days has gone and I felt my heart became lighter. Amazing! Thanks and appreciation.

- Angela Cheong

Ahtayaa is highly gifted in meditation and Activation's. I highly recommend if anyone is looking to have light-body experiences.

Paul Scott

Ahtayaa is great at what she does. She speaks at a perfect pace and guides the experience masterfully. Thank you for a beautiful class!

Kim Arnold

I love listening to Ahtayaa Leigh... She is clearly very expert and knowledgeable on the golden ray and working with the golden ray.. She immediately puts her listeners at ease and creates a sacred space with her calming demeanour and very eloquent voice .. She gently encourages her listeners to participate on whatever level they feel comfortable with ... I have found her meditations and activations super powerful and her wisdom profound .... and I always look forward to hearing her new classes and expanding in my awareness and spiritual practices of working with the golden ray

Gavin Swinden

I Love the way Ahtayaa guided us through this beautiful class with such grace. It is a gift to support people virtually through this type of spiritual terrain and I have awoken today with such a sense of wholeness and peace! Golden Ray healing is not only very powerful but so warm and relaxing that my heart feels healed and whole after some very trying months this year. Thank you so much!

Morgana Eccleston

I highly recommend Ahtayaa Leigh she masterfully guides through the meditations drawing you into the rhythm of the higher consciousness collective effortlessly to power up & strengthen the individual vibrational frequency which in turn raises & strengthens the overall frequency.

Susanna Lepianka

Athayaa radiates loves and a energy of abundance. She is able to gently guide one to feel the universal energy that is all around us.

John Bianchina

The Golden Ray class is Phenomenal, and is conducted by a Phenomenal Woman! The Golden Energy is Palpable! Thank you, Ahtayaa Leigh! You are surely one of GOD's Blessed Angels! We appreciate you and ALL that you do! NAMASTE!

Mary Wright

Very knowledgable and nice person to learn from and take classes with. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to listening to the recording again. Many thanks! Will definitely take more classes and I highly recommend others to do the same.

Jenna DeLillo

The Golden Ray Initiations Are For You If:

  • You’re already a Reiki Master, therapist or coach and you'd like to boost your healing abilities by channeling the Golden Ray through your heart center. The Golden Ray compliments all alternative healing therapies.
  • You're ready to take your spiritual growth to the next level, facilitating breakthroughs for yourself and others.
  • You feel called to deepen your connection with your soul's purpose.
  • You're ready to receive the tools to create your life in 5D.
  • You're ready to work with a team of lightworkers, transmitting solar light codes to fuel the consciousness evolution of humanity and the planet.

Booking Process

  1. Choose your package.
  2. Review the fees, cancellation policy and disclaimer and ensure you agree before proceeding.
  3. “Add To Cart” and then checkout with Paypal safely and securely.
  4. After you checkout with PayPal, you will receive instant access to the members area where you can schedule your activation(s) and access the Golden Ray Initiate members content.
  5. Once scheduled, Ahtayaa will confirm your distance activation and send you everything you need to prepare.
  6. Enjoy your powerful, life changing initiation.
  7. Participate in the follow up exercises.
  8. Expand your consciousness!

The Time Is NOW To Step fully Into Your Light...


Golden Ray Initiations 1 & 2

Golden Merkaba + Great Solar Light Key


Included In The Members Area:

  • Great Solar Light Key Attunement - Distance Energy Transmission with MP3 download
  • Golden Merkaba Activation - Distance Energy Transmission with MP3 download
  • Techniques that you can use every day to power up your Golden Merkaba and learn how to become a skilled navigator of multidimensional reality.
  • Techniques to facilitate healing in individuals and the collective. Ideal for healing practitioners.
  • Golden Merkaba Mastery ~ 60 minute high frequency energy transmission to guide you in mastering your Golden Merkaba for healing and ascension.
  • Golden Ray Meditations. These healing activations power up your Golden Merkaba with light codes from Source and the healing energies are channeled into your life. You will be able to listen to these activations as often as you wish, each time anchoring the energies more deeply.
  • A recording of each of your activations for you to listen to as often as you wish, each time anchoring the activations more deeply.
  • Access to advanced Golden Ray initiations.
  • Join the Golden Ray Light Family and become part of a planetary healing group that sends solar light codes to places, people and events that need healing and restoration.
  • + some surprises!

Cancellation & Refund Policy Full refunds (100%) are offered to changes/cancellations made before 48 hours. A 50% refund will be offered for changes between 24 to 48 hours. No refund will be offered for cancellations made within 24 hours. Disclaimer By booking or participating in a session with Ahtayaa Leigh, you understand that while her energy healing services are intended to support positive changes for recipients which can lead to profound healing and transformation, none of the services guarantee any specific results or cures. You agree to consult your doctor and/or a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have and take full responsibility for your personal safety and wellbeing. You understand that I do not diagnose conditions nor perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. You hereby release Ahtayaa Leigh of any outcomes resulting from services received or suggestions followed. From here on forward, you give your consent to proceed with the services of your choice under the terms and conditions outlined above, and at this link.


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