About Ahtayaa & The Golden Ray Initiations

I AM Ahtayaa Leigh, Galactic Mayan starseed, priestess and guardian of The Golden Ray Initiations. I AM Awake!  

Thank you for being here.  I have no doubt you've found yourself here because you are awakening to a clearer sense of who you are as a multidimensional, galactic being.

You're in the process of embodying your Divine essence, and as a fellow Emissary of Light it is my honor to connect with you at this time on your journey.

Originally from the UK in this lifetime, I now live and love in Central America fulfilling my soul's mission where the energies of the Mayan and Atlantean civilizations converge.  I have spent many lifetimes here as a galactic gatekeeper anchoring light into the earth plane.

The Golden Ray Initiations™ are a series of potent energy healing activations that work with the Golden Ray to activate and ignite your Golden Merkaba of Light through a process of initiation and purification.

The Golden Ray Initiations are overlighted by the 12 Archangels of Creation, known to me as the 12 Keepers of the Eye.

They are the 12 emanations of God that manifest All That Is.  They are represented in sacred geometry by the vector equilibrium (12 around 1).

Communicating through each of our hearts, the 12 Keepers Of The Eye are the Creators of the Universe and masters of form.

They help us strive towards perfect peace, harmony and balance at all times.

I'm here working with the 12 Keepers as a Galactic Activator, Ascension Guide and energetic channel for the Golden Ray.

Having experienced a rapid awakening from a sleeping state to multi-dimensional awareness, I now live in alignment with my higher Divine purpose, as a multidimensional being.  I made the transition successfully with a healthy mix of openness and discernment (I was receptive but I wasn't easy to convince 🙂 ).

Having embodied my higher Divine purpose on Earth at this time, it is my absolute joy and honor to assist my brothers and sisters of Light do the same.


A Galactic Perspective of Life On Earth

Why are we here?

We're here to activate and share  the light codes we carry that are initiating the next Golden Age.  We do this by activating our Golden Merkabas and channeling Source Light into the energy field of the planet.

Since 2008 I have been on a journey of awakening to an ever deepening inner knowing and experience of this mission.

I'm here to assist the transition from one cycle to another, and so are you.

Currently we are entering a phase of enlightenment as the Great Central Sun rises on our solar system.  As higher frequency light begins to flood our consciousness we must cleanse and purify our energy fields so that the new light can be integrated.

Part of my purpose is to help you realize your Divine mission by supporting you as you clear all resistance to the manifestation of your highest good for the benefit of all.

I am a deeply spiritual being with knowledge (gnosis) of energy as the foundation of all that is manifested into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence.  Having overcome many challenges in life I am well versed in personal transformation and alchemy.

I've taken negative beliefs and attitudes and completely transmuted and transformed them into positive growth.  I'm grateful for these hardships because they have prepared me to guide others in their own healing and transformation.  I walk the talk every moment of every day.

Sitting on the Sacred Heart Keystone in the ley of the valley

Fairy Tree, Fairy Ley, Crystal Valley, Earth

Ceremony at the fairy tree in the ley of the valley.

Here we are, living our unique lives on a free-will planet, molding our own life experiences from one lifetime to the next. Creating our own unique stories. By incarnating here we’ve been gifted with the opportunity to learn many lessons that lead to great wisdom and soul growth. We learn the consequences of our choices, be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Without judgement, they are all lessons on the journey back to our Divine Source.

It’s not difficult to see that in our own lives, as well as in the wider world around us, things have gotten a little (lot!) out of balance. Our connection with the flow of pure Divine Love has become blocked, in one way or another, and for those of us on the path of ascension it is now our duty to clear these blockages and re-establish the flow of Source Energy through our own energy systems (merkabas) and that of the planet, enabling Divine Love to reign once again.

There is a need for healing in collective humanity, and in the very fabric of nature. And that healing starts with each individual. It starts with YOU.

Many years ago I was given a vision by Great Spirit . I was shown the magnificent crystalline energy grid that encompasses this planet and is being charged and activated by a network of lightworkers fulfilling ancient prophecy.

The 144 Crystalline Grid is a great system of Light that connects all beings, and determines the energetic health of the planet. Just as the personal energetic field (your own grid system) surrounding you determines your health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so does the energetic field surrounding our dear Earth Mother determine the health and well-being of the collective… all beings living and non-living.  In fact, the same energy grid that surrounds you, surrounds the planet, surrounds the solar system and so on and so on. We are all connected through the flow of Universal Divine energy!

You’ve incarnated here at an extremely important time. You’re part of the clean-up mission so to speak.

It’s time to take the imbalances that exist in this world and transform them into perfect peace and balance.

As human beings and caretakers of this planet, it is our responsibility to heal our dear Mother Earth, bringing Her energy system back into balance, clearing the blockages to the flow of pure Divine Love that comes from Source.

We do this through healing ourselves, others and by coming together as a team to intend healing for the planet through our activated Golden Merkabas.

So know this (and forgive me if I labour the point!)… there is a bigger picture as to why you’re here. When you heal yourself you become powerful in the awareness of yourSelf as a spark of the Divine. You are a point of Light in the energy grid of Earth and you are playing your part in restoring balance and well-being to all. You radiate your healing Light to those around you, which activates them to radiate their Light to those around them… and so on it goes… resulting in a great remembrance of Divine Love on Earth… It’s such a beautiful process, don’t you think?

I want to support you as you expand into Love. You are making more difference than you know. I really want you to know that you are a powerful and beautiful spark of Divinity.

Thank you for being here. You DO make a difference… don’t ever forget that. You’ll likely go through some challenges on your journey.  At times you may question yourself, yet my wish for you is to always remember who and what you are.

YOU ARE DIVINE and you’re helping bring peace on Earth… Believe!


Peace be with you, and may Divine Love surround you… all ways, always!

Lots of love,

Ahtayaa Leigh
Galactic Activator
The Golden Ray Initiations

What Others Are Saying About Ahtayaa

In my nearly 25 years in eastern and western spirituality, I have experienced many initiations and attunements from traditions all over the world. When I wanted to explore the mysteries of the Golden Ray and Christ Consciousness, I searched all over the internet for someone, who is in a real deep connection and resonance with this Divine Energy. I´m so glad, that I found beautiful Ahtayaa, who is not "just another attunement giver on the energetic supermarket", but very focused and devoted to the Golden Ray. She is radiating and living this energy and this is the most important fact for me. The initiation she provided was not only a beautiful and deep experience, but a life changing one! I am now in an even deeper connection with the Golden Ray and I can recommend this attunement to everyone - whether you are as experienced as myself or a total beginner or anything in between. Ahtayaa will find a way to work with you from wherever you are at the moment. This is also a sign of a good teacher. Thank you, beautiful golden Ahtayaa! It is my pleasure and honor to work with you!
Blessings from the Seraphim and from myself!

Dieter Schwarz
Dieter Schwarz LUX ~ Blessings Of Grace

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you are doing. I have worked in Metaphysics for many years and specifically with the Angelic realm and awakening and clearing energies in specific grid points as directed, so I am very aware of energies and their power. Through all the powerful energies I have felt and worked with this is by far the most powerful, while at the same time being warm, embracing and balancing. Often in working with powerful energies they tend to dissipate quickly after a meditation or when working in a specific location, after leaving the location.

What I have found working with the Golden Ray energies are that they are with me at all times. The strength depends on my attention to the energies. I realize I have been waiting for this energy all my life. I find not only are they with me, I hear energies as well as see them, but they are transforming. I am able to hold my balance and peace, 'the eye of the storm'. I have a new perspective of events around me.

I was guided to the Golden Ray by Archangels Michael and Sandalphon. I understand why now, because Sandalphon brings the balance between Heaven and Earth energies, as well as the Divine Mother/Shekinah, which is the essence of this Ray, but it also in the balance contains the Divine Father energies as it balances not only our energies between Heaven and Earth, Divine Father and Mother, our own masculine and feminine.

Today with attunement to the Great Solar Light Key, Now the energies is present to clear the energies of my many parts, as well as past, present and future so that I can more clearly align with the Divine Will and my part of the Divine Plan, which is what I have been praying to do for a long time.

I was told a few months ago - I Am the Oracle of Divine Grace. I did not know what that meant until today. For the Golden Ray I realize is Divine Grace. For it is by Grace that we are transformed and lifted up not by works, and now with these energies I understand that from a wisdom perspective and not just a knowledge perspective. I had often wondered also, I had heard to wait until I could walk the walk and not just talk the talk to come forth. I have done what I felt guided to do spiritually, but yet I have known that there was something more to do. I didn't want to do something that was not part of Divine Will and the Divine Plan and so I waited. I realize now that when in the Grace of Golden Ray that we are operating in Divine Will and all that we are guided to do i is part of the Divine Plan.

Becky Prante
Becky Prante Oracle of Divine Grace

I had the pleasure of receiving a golden ray healing by the lovely Ahtayaa Leigh and would recommend it to anyone. Being an energy worker myself for 5+years, she opened channels and cleared out resistance that my subconscious had blocked. Things as a psychic energy healer I wasn't able to see. In my work, I have been taught to use the golden light for healings as well. Ahtayaa brought the golden vibration to a higher frequency. It felt warm and golden, it was a refreshing flush. My body relaxed much like in deep meditation. My mind quieted and I visually saw the golden light from my third eye enter my body, soul and aura. My chakras cleared and spun, as they do when in alignment and let go of that which did not serve me. I felt a deep connection, with above and the center of mama earth, a oneness not only with the lovely lady but also on a higher level, one words cannot express. My soul traveled as she guided me while still being present in the moment. Afterwards my entire being felt at peace and fully present. The healing still has an impact in my daily life 2 months later. Her healing has assisted me in my journey to Asia, my personal healing as well as my healings with others. Lady Leigh has a true gift, as the Keeper and continuous healer of the Golden Ray her work extends far beyond this world. It was an honor to be healed by her and look forward to future healings. Much love siSTAR.

Jacquie Cooper
Jacquie Cooper Energy Worker

Working with the Golden Ray and Ahtayaa, has completely changed my life! I feel so grateful, to have met such an amazing, gifted, and integrity based women and be attuned with such an amazing gift that I know will help so many people and raise the consciousness of our planet. In the beginning I didn’t know how my body would react to the attunement, but the next day I woke up and felt light like a feather, and felt a shift in my energy, I advise going to sleep at night with a rose quartz or amethyst crystal. Over the course of three months, I began to see orbs of light, and sparks of light flash here and there, psychic abilities that were almost dormant, coming back to me. In the beginning, I felt tired every once and a while, but it’s all part of the process. Now, I have energy all through the day, and I barely worked out, until this past week. Day time naps, are gone as well, and I have noticed my negative self-talk disappearing almost as if it never existed, as if I’ve tuned into a new person overnight. But don’t take it too seriously. There, were days, where I cried snot bubbles, felt low tolerance for what no longer served me in my life, and felt confused for no reason. People around me, started to notice and feel this shift in me , so be prepared for people that won’t be able to vibrate with you, that aren’t there yet in their life.

At first, I didn’t know that I could be doing others things, and still get attuned to the golden light. We didn’t get on a video call together or anything, but it’s all about being open to receiving it. So, if you have gotten attuned or are thinking about getting attuned and getting on video is not your thing, that’s totally okay!

The reason, I got enrolled into the program is because I was led by spirit, and I wanted to learn about energy healing and the different modalities, as well as become certified and be able to utilize what I’ve learned and obtained to help others to heal from dead weight that they’ve been carrying around for years, life times, to recover from energy suckers, and childhood trauma, anxiety, fatigue, and so forth. I know how it all feels, and with the power of the Golden Ray, we no longer have to stay in pain, stay in suffering and broken hearts, but have the ability to live a life full of self-love, freedom and enlightenment. What I liked most is that I learned things, I never knew about and whenever there Is a question I had about a certain payment, or course material Ahtayaa was always there to help. It’s not like some courses you get on udemy, and every video you watch freezes, and you have to wait a long time to hear back from someone, everything is well organized and full of valuable information. This has been a very interesting awakening and ascension process. It’s all worth the investment and I recommend this to anyone that is ready and open to all it has to offer, and know that you’re loved and in safe hands.

Alexus Emerson
Alexus Emerson Distant Energy Healer and Business Coach for Millennials

On my spiritual path I've experienced a multitude of energetic initiations and as I've refined my sadhana, I've developed a higher taste to Divine resonate frequencies of the most Divine kind. I've been engaging in multidimensional work for awhile and needed a recharge, Ahtayaa appeared and was very patient, loving and deeply in tune with my soul. The Divine Solar Feminine Activation left me with lasting peace, harmony and balance. I felt deeply grounded and filled with love during her most brilliant esoteric cosmic shamanic journey. Thank you Ahtayaa, I'm keeping close to you.  Bless you for your presence and service!!

Jessica Zanello
Jessica Zanello

Ahtayaa is enthusiastic, no passionate, about what she does, which is incredibly inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her approach ensuring that everyone is understanding all that she expresses before moving on to the next topic. A brilliant teacher for our time.

Tanya Blackiston
Tanya Blackiston Healing via the Heart

My experience with the Golden Ray is definitely a positive one! I find the activations and meditations to be very effective, powerful and at the same time peaceful and calming. I am feeling very centered and balanced, more so than I've been recently. I also feel an overwhelming sense of joy and authentic love coming through the activations and meditations as well.

I'm feeling a sense of empowerment, renewed focus and purpose. I am also witnessing major shifts in my daily life as well. Opportunities presenting themselves out of the blue, relationships are healing and new ones are being formed that are more in alignment with where I'm at in the present moment. Overall just a greater sense of Self.

I am very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to be introduced and attuned to the Golden Ray. Much love and appreciation to you Ahtayaa!

- Melvin Evans

Ahtayaa is highly gifted in meditation and Activation's. I highly recommend if anyone is looking to have light-body experiences.

Paul Scott

Ahtayaa is great at what she does. She speaks at a perfect pace and guides the experience masterfully. Thank you for a beautiful class!

Kim Arnold

I love listening to Ahtayaa Leigh... She is clearly very expert and knowledgeable on the golden ray and working with the golden ray.. She immediately puts her listeners at ease and creates a sacred space with her calming demeanour and very eloquent voice .. She gently encourages her listeners to participate on whatever level they feel comfortable with ... I have found her meditations and activations super powerful and her wisdom profound .... and I always look forward to hearing her new classes and expanding in my awareness and spiritual practices of working with the golden ray

Gavin Swinden

I Love the way Ahtayaa guided us through this beautiful class with such grace. It is a gift to support people virtually through this type of spiritual terrain and I have awoken today with such a sense of wholeness and peace! Golden Ray healing is not only very powerful but so warm and relaxing that my heart feels healed and whole after some very trying months this year. Thank you so much!

Morgana Eccleston

I highly recommend Ahtayaa Leigh she masterfully guides through the meditations drawing you into the rhythm of the higher consciousness collective effortlessly to power up & strengthen the individual vibrational frequency which in turn raises & strengthens the overall frequency.

Susanna Lepianka

Athayaa radiates loves and a energy of abundance. She is able to gently guide one to feel the universal energy that is all around us.

John Bianchina

The Golden Ray class is Phenomenal, and is conducted by a Phenomenal Woman! The Golden Energy is Palpable! Thank you, Ahtayaa Leigh! You are surely one of GOD's Blessed Angels! We appreciate you and ALL that you do! NAMASTE!

Mary Wright

Very knowledgable and nice person to learn from and take classes with. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to listening to the recording again. Many thanks! Will definitely take more classes and I highly recommend others to do the same.

Jenna DeLillo